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Collaboration with influencers and social networks

Vintkova is a fashion company that takes off with a collection of unisex watches, with large and flat dials very stylish. We aim to expand our business until we have our own line of clothing and accessories.

We believe that there’s always a watch for every occasion and style. So we started with a collection of 29 40mm, 2 36mm and packs that can be combined with different watch bands (leather, suede and metal) to match your Vintkova with your personal style.

We are constantly looking for people who share the same passion for an original and daring style as we do. If you feel identified with our project, we would love to be in touch with you!

Send us your proposal to the following e-mail address and you can be the next Vintkova Lovers: marketing@vintkova.es

Vintkova Influencers