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General Policies of Purchase

Our terms and conditions may change, this text was last updated in October 25, 2016.

These general conditions regulate your purchases on, and the use, the website www.vintkova.es and it represents a contract between you and Vintkova Brand S.L. , a Spanish Company with registration number B66860271 and legal address Rambla Cataluña 124, Ático, 08008 Barcelona. By completing a purchase on, and by using, the website you’re agreeing with the General Policies. Make sure you read and understand these General Policies before you use our website.


Vintkova isn’t, by no means, obliged to satisfy or deliver a purchase order made by a customer or to compensate the customer for any loss, error on the presentation of the product, error on the text about the specifications of the product or any mistake on the advertised price, when:

  • The customer is aware that the error is due to a typographical error.
  • If it’s clear to the customer that, under certain circumstances, it would not be reasonable to expect that the product in question could be available with the price or specifications that were presented.

All the prices presented on the website Vintkova, are subject to a 21% VAT, according the current legislation of Spain. If the delivery is sent to an address outside Spain, the customer may pay import duties, applicable when the order arrives its destination. The customer will be responsible to pay those those import duties.

The customer will be responsible to pay those those import duties.

Pago seguro

Vintkova Brand SL is responsible for the transactions made on the website and the submitted credit card details. The purchases made on a safe website are transferred via SSL.

Vintkova offers the following paying methods:

Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA): during the order approval process, the customer may submit his credit card number, and its expiration date. The customer must be sure that the card holder name is the same as in his credit card. Subsequently, the order approval process will be complete and the customer will be informed if his payment is approved.

Shipping costs

Free shipping costs for Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands. Shipping costs and custom duties aren’t included for the Canary Islands, so the customer is responsible for paying them.

Product Delivery

Delivery time

Once the purchase is complete, the product will be sent to the address indicated by the user within 2-3 business days after the time of the purchase.

We work carefully to ensure that you receive your Vintkova products as soon as possible and in the best condition.

If you have any question regarding the status of your order, we give you the possibility of contacting us through the following email address order@vintkova.es with the subject Pedido + Referencia de compra.

Place and conditions of delivery

Vintkova commits to deliver the product in perfect condition on the address indicated by the customer at the moment of the purchase. To optimize the delivery, the specified address should be one in which the delivery can be made within working hours.

If, at the moment of the delivery, no one is available to receive it, the shipping company will leave a notification in the mailbox and return the next day.

Vintkova won’t be responsible for eventual errors or damages caused during the delivery process, if the address isn’t correct or nonexistent.

All the delivery conditions mentioned on the website are speculative and they shouldn't, by any means, be understood as the final or guaranteed delivery conditions.


Even though we work carefully to meet the estimated delivery schedules, Vintkova won’t take responsibility for eventual delays in the delivery of the product.

Return of the products

Right of withdrawal

The customer will have maximum period of fourteen days (14) from the moment of the delivery of the product, to announce the total or partial withdrawal of the purchase.

Once the fourteen (14) days has elapsed, Vinktova won’t accept any returns for purchase withdrawals.

A return made in time won’t involve any penalty. However, the customer must bear the shipping costs of the return.

The address for returns, within the fourteen days period, is:

Vintkova Brand SL

Rambla Cataluña 124, ático

08008 Barcelona

The customer must communicate the return of the product to the customer service team of Vintkova by email and wait for their instructions. If the customer wishes to exercise his right to return the product, he should return it along with all the accessories y, if it’s possible, on its original condition and packaging, following all the return instructions from Vintkova. The customer is also responsible for shipping the return of his order and for all the inherent shipping risks.


In case of an eventual exercise of the withdrawal right, the customer will have right to the refund of the returned product, only if the returned products are in the same conditions in which they were delivered, have not been used (except to check if its conditions are according what was expected), washed, damaged, unsealed (in the cases previously indicated) or lost before arriving at the dependencies of Vintkova.

Vintkova will refund the customer after checking the suitability of the returned product, reserving the right not to make the refund if it detects that the conditions of the product purchased and returned does not match.

Shipping costs will be refunded proportionally to the value of the returned product. Vintkova will manage the refund order and the shipping costs according the same payment method used by the customer to acquire the products, within a period of seventy-two (72) hours from the confirmation of arrival of the returned order.

The refund policy will depend on the card issuer. The return period will be up to seven (7) days for debit cards and up to thirty (30) days for credit cards.

Product return

In case of defective products, the customer will be entitled to a refund if the product is defective or if it doesn’t corresponded to the order made by the customer. In these cases, the product return will be made according the procedures set forth in the “right of withdrawal” section, or by contacting our customer service department through the following email address order@vintkova.es using the following subject “Devolución + Referencia de compra”.

In case of return products that are defective or that don’t correspond with the order made by the customer, Vintkova will bear the shipping costs of the product return, if the return is made within Spain.

Warranty and repair

The Vintkova watch has a 2-year warranty, covering manufacturing and material defects that may exist on the moment of delivery of your Vintkova watch. This warranty doesn’t cover malfunctions caused by damage due to improper use of the watch/battery, shock, improper use or manipulation, natural wear, water immersion, loss or theft.

Products repaired or manipulated by the client, or any person who isn’t authorized by the customer service, are also excluded from the warranty conditions.

The customer won’t have right to warranty if:

  1. He doesn’t have proof of purchase (email). To activate the warranty, the customer should conserve the proof of product purchase.
  2. The ID number or the product is manipulated or repaired without the consent and authorization of the customer service of the warranty issuer.
  3. The warranty and/or the proof of purchase data is modified, altered or replaced.

During warranty period, and upon presentation of a valid warranty certificate, the customer will be entitled to a free repair of any defect. In case it’s not possible to restore the watch to its original condition, it will be replaced by a similar Vintkova watch or similar model.

The warranty period of the substitute watch ends 2 years after the moment of the replacement. The card included on the package, should be preserved in order to guarantee the validity of the warranty.

If there’s any question about the warranty, the customer should contact the Vintkova customer service team through the following email address info@vintkova.es

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, such as commercial brands and copyright, appearing on the website and advertised products, are property of Vintkova or its subsidiaries or licensors. Any use of the website or its content, including copying or storage of such content, in whole or in part, for any other purposes than personal or non-commercial use, is strictly prohibited without the consent of Vintkova.

Personal data and privacy

Vintkova complies with the data protection regulations established by the Spanish Data Protection Act (Organic Law 15/1999).

Vintkova will store all the submitted data in a file. This data will be used to process the customer's order and will be stored as long as necessary to solve any incidents that may arise during the order processing.

We guarantee that personal data will be treated with due diligence. Customer's personal data will not be shared with third parties, except for the purposes of processing the order or perform repairs.